Digital product with impact

Hi, I’m Stefan Berkenhoff and I like to create digital products that have a real impact on the world.

As a skilled Consultant, Venture Builder and Project Manager with deep knowledge about business and technology, I shape products that make a positive contribution to ecology and society.

Passion for digital innovation

I love digital innovation. For me, it is not an end in itself, but the key to digital products and services that make a real contribution to sustainable development. This is how I can help:

Digital Consulting

I methodically analyze trends to guide businesses toward digital efficiency and growth

Product Management

I meticulously steer product cycles with a focus on user needs and market fit

MVPs & PoCs

I craft and test MVPs and PoCs with a focus on speed for insightful solutions

AI Use Cases

I systematically employ AI to address real-world challenges with innovative strategies

Solution Architecture

I architect solutions with a keen eye for detail, ensuring scalability and performance

Project Management

I organize and lead projects with a dedication to precision and timely delivery

Stefan @ DBTR

Together with my friends and business partners Dustin and Tom, I work under the umbrella brand DBTR – Designing Business for Tomorrow. We created DBTR to work with companies that are aware of their impact potential and want to create digital solutions for a better future.

We stand for the further development of well-known UX and CX concepts towards what we call SX – Society experience – which seeks to optimize the experience of all.


Of course you can write me a message at any time. And if you are in Hamburg, Berlin or Stuttgart, we can meet in one of my favorite coffee shops

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